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Terms and Conditions


Documentation for Terms & Condition Manager

  • What is this Extension Used For?
  • Terms and Condition manager is an extension that can be used when the site owner wants users to accept specific terms and conditions that he has added to the site.
  • Different terms and conditions can be created with different website URL patterns, versions, start dates, and contents.

Basic Setup and Configuration

  Configure Terms & Condition Manager component:

  • Open the options button in a component.
  • Open basic configuration tab
  • You can configure the field ‘Date format to show’ according to your need.
  • You can also customize the date format by choosing the custom option in the select box.
  • When you select ‘ option’, you can add the custom format in the field ‘Custom date format
  • Installation & Upgrading instructions

New Installation instructions for  Terms and condition manager

  1. Download 
  2. Install the using the Joomla Extension installer.

Component auto installs needed plugin: 

  • plug_system_tc(Plugin - System -plug_system_tc)

Note: After installation configure jbolo component options, enable plug_system_tc plugin & save it.

We have tried to provide some use cases & ideas for this extension to help you best utilize this extension.

  • We can use extensions with any product which has its own consents.
  • It reduces the time to build the Terms and Conditions part every time.
  • We can provide consents with different versions so updating the consents becomes easy.
  • In less time we can create many terms and conditions for different pages of the site.

Setup Backend - Terms and conditions

We can add new terms and conditions.

Also, we are able to see previously added terms and conditions.

We need to provide a version and start date to conditions so that it will get applied accordingly.

We can also specify the page specification when we add Terms and conditions for a specific page

Access control:

We can configure user groups for terms and conditions


The users who accept consents will be listed in this list.

This is helpful to keep an easy watch on user consents.


We Can see the Terms and conditions on the allocated page.

When we accept the conditions the original page will be rendered.

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